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Macro tulip painting, pinks, greens, in styled interior setting.

" I must have flowers, always and always"
- Claude Monet

most loved


Sometimes vibrant and bold, others are kept simple with a pared down colour palette... but always textured and eye-catching!

Still life, textured ink magnolias in aqua vase.
magnolia flowers impasto bedside vignette

florals & still life

Vibrant florals - framed and ready to hang.

Tulip flowers detail, pink, white and green
Dancing tulips painting, styled bedroom setting

nature's palette

 My paintings usually focus on florals and landscapes, with most of my ideas taking on a life of their own whilst being painted! The only certainty is that I paint what I love, and I use colour and texture to bring it to life!

Yellow flowers with vintage teacup painting in styled bedroom setting.

" If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"

- Vincent Van Gogh


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