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My obsession for colour and florals began whilst I was a young child, working along with my grandmother in the garden. I would help her plant out carefully considered flower beds that would explode in a myriad of colours and shapes every season, much to the delight and wonderment of passersby!

This early involvement in nature sparked my love of colour, form, texture, and a fascination of how they interplay effortlessly. Taking those moments to reflect and immerse myself within our natural environment, always brings restorative calm and joy. I aim to capture and interpret these moments through use of colour, impasto texture and large floral blooms.

I often use an impressionist style and keep it loose, but I also incorporate detailed impasto textures and macro aspects within my work. These snippets of inspiration found all around us is an absolute joy to capture, create and share with others - whether it be a landscape, details on petals or an eclectic floral bouquet.  Selenia Costanzo


"Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness"

- Anni Albers

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